Thursday, 14 February 2013


Translations of my chosen words, my wall brings about a retro feel with its vibrant colours and detailed patterns. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Eclectic translated. I've shown my word as a selection of random and quirky objects. All collected from my bedroom, so immediately are in relation to me and my personality, displaying some of the things I like.

I really like the placement of these objects and think the photo stands out well on its own.

My style...

By thinking about what my style is and crossing it with my personality I was able to select a range of descriptive words which relate to me, and translated into perceptions of each word.

The words I think describe my work the most:





I will take upon representing these words in my own way through objects and materials.

Colour Pallete translated.

Showing my colour pallete in an innovative way.

The hanging beads stand out as my colour pallete, reflecting my research into chunky tribal beads. 

I created this elephant illustration which reflects the playfulness in my work and nostalgia.

WGSN inspiration.

Trend forecasts for Spring/Summer 2014.

They represent an Eclectic theme. Random but precious and interesting objects. All which become significant when placed in a new and contemporary place.

I like the use of colour and culture in both these trend images.

Top Drawer.

Top Drawer trade show bought an inspiring amount of up and coming and established designers and makers. The 'HOME' section was aimed at my style and tastes, with Wayne Hemmingway (interior above) standing out as something I was really drawn to. His playfulness and nostalgic style is my taste and my colour pallete is very similar to his in this Vintage collection at the show.

I found myself coming away with a list of new designers and some I'd never heard of, but adored there work.