Monday, 29 April 2013

The Trend Book.

I am very pleased with how my final trend book has turned out. I like the simplistic yet playful style of it. I believe it shows of my style really well with my own illustrative way of working.
The quality of the book also turned out really well, with an artistic look to the page texture. My chosen font is also 'very me' and shows off my eclectic style. 
The trend book is a perfect piece of work as a whole for a later portfolio. Showing off the best of work for this project. 

The project as a whole, allowed me to explore my own unique style and I have enjoyed being able to interpret it into a professional form. 

Chosen pages for my trend book.

Chosen pages for my trend book.

I selected my favorite and most stand out designs throughout my journey, from my wall to my sketchbook ideas and onto my final and refined designs. 

My concept for my book is a simplistic, playful and professional finish. My pages all flow with the same colour theme and placement. The images show off my style and trend in a way easy to understand.

Illustrating my wall.

Illustrating from my wall allowed me to understand my objects even more, by illustrating it in my own style. It showed me how they each relate to my trend.
It also instantly turns the objects into possible design ideas.
I like my placement of my illustration, instead of the wall placement, its more considered and links better.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Translations of my chosen words, my wall brings about a retro feel with its vibrant colours and detailed patterns. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Eclectic translated. I've shown my word as a selection of random and quirky objects. All collected from my bedroom, so immediately are in relation to me and my personality, displaying some of the things I like.

I really like the placement of these objects and think the photo stands out well on its own.

My style...

By thinking about what my style is and crossing it with my personality I was able to select a range of descriptive words which relate to me, and translated into perceptions of each word.

The words I think describe my work the most:





I will take upon representing these words in my own way through objects and materials.

Colour Pallete translated.

Showing my colour pallete in an innovative way.

The hanging beads stand out as my colour pallete, reflecting my research into chunky tribal beads. 

I created this elephant illustration which reflects the playfulness in my work and nostalgia.